The Daily Numbers - April 29

The Daily Numbers: 1 third of the people on the globe who were expected to watch the royal wedding this morning.

2 instances now where bricks of pot have been delivered to homes in Upper Darby.

22,400 dollars, how much the latest 5-pound package of pot was likely worth on the street.

1 man being sought in Radnor for a series of pickpocket incidents that have now escalated to robbery.

14, age of Upper Darby teen who was beaten by her father with a pot when she tried to defend her mother in a domestic incident.

37 years of experience, what James Wigo will bring to Rose Tree Media School District as its new superintendent. He’s now assistant super in Upper Darby.

7 minutes, how long it took police in Glenolden to capture a suspect in a bank heist.

15 day DL stint for 1 more Phillie. Add pitcher Joe Blanton to the list of walking wounded.

26, age of Eagles top draft pick, Danny Watkins, an offensive lineman out of Baylor.

1, as in Game 1 of the Flyers-Bruins series, on tap Saturday at the Wells Fargo Center.


Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.Michael Vick is a left-handed quarterback. That means for the Eagles, they reverse the priority on their offensive line. Vick’s blind side is protected by the right tackle. So of course with their first pick, the Eagles select a left tackle who is projected as a guard in the pros. Swell.



I Don’t Get It: Another 5-pound brick of pot has shown up at a house in Upper Darby. This is getting to be a habit.


Today’s Upper: Kudos to Tahira Jones, a teacher at Science and Discovery High School in Chester. She was named ‘Best Teacher Under the Sun’ by Sun East Federal Credit Union.


Quote Box: “I can’t stop crying. I’m surprised and I’m grateful.”

- Teacher Tahira Jones, on her honor.