Flyers struggle with goaltender, but not theirs

The Flyers went into the playoffs with concerns about goaltending.

They exited Game One of their opening series against the Sabres last night with the same concern.

Only not their goaltending. Rookie Sergei “Bob” Bobrovsky was everything the Flyers could have hoped for in the nets. It didn’t do them any good.

There is an old standard in sports. It’s kind of hard to win if you don’t score.

The Flyers got stoned by Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller, who shut them out, 1-0.

The Flyers hurled 35 shots at Miller, but couldn’t get any of them past him.

At one point in the second period they even had a two-man advantage and still couldn’t break through.

In the meantime, Bobrovsky was not exactly chopped liver at the other end. He stopped 24 of 25 shots, just enough to get the loss.

Patrick Kaleta jammed a rebound past the Russian just 5:56 into the first period. The Flyers never answered.

Not they’re down 1-0 and looking at an early “must win” Saturday.

They’re also looking to a way to beat Miller. They better find it quick.