More on the Phanatic

I can’t say I didn’t ask for it.

Yesterday in this space I offered the opinion that maybe it was time for the Phillies to retire the Phanatic. That his act was getting a bit old.

You’d think I had just suggested that we fill in that crack in the Liberty Bell. That we’d be better off if Tastykake just moved to Georgia. That the cheesesteak and pretzel were no great shakes.

In short, many readers wondered if I had lost my mind. It would not be the first time.

A commenter dubbed “Mastg1” pretty much summed up the wave of phone calls and emails I received.

“As an avid follower of your columns I love reading your opinions, both in digital and in print, and I, more times than not agree with your words and have many times considered them words of wisdom. That being said, I have to ask you one question:
“HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND? I honestly think you have. The Phillie Phanatic is as iconic in the Philadelphia area as is Ben Franklin or the Liberty Bell or even that overgrown concrete cereal bowl that the Phillies use to play in.

"Everyone is entilled to their own opinon, that is what makes this country we love so great. But saying that the Phillie Panantic is no longer necessary? Please Mr. Heron, realize the error of your ways. The Phanatic is not just a distraction from the on-field performences, he (and by the way he is a man, not an it) is a companion to the players and the coaches and the manager, not a distraction. The fans love him, the kids love him and even some of the kids at heart and the adults who consider themselvs kids, yet to grow up love him.

"I hope that you can see the error of your ways and print a retraction or at least a maya copa some time in the very near future. "

Actually that would be a mea culpa. And I'm not ready to go there - at least not yet.

Instead I am inclined to believe there area a lot of readers out there who think like "Dannytheman," who infomed me:

"I agree with you. But my wife and kids love him."

I got much the same reaction from my wife. In fact, I'm thinking maybe this is a wife and kids kind of thing. I don't go to the game to see the Phanatic's act. Same thing for watching games on TV. Then again, once it warms up, I listen to most of the games on the radio.

What say you, dear readers? Have I lost my mind? Or are there lots of silent folks out there who agree with me that it is time for the Phanatic to go?

Don't be silent (like the Phanatic). Weigh in. I'll publish the best reactions I get, even those that question my sanity.


Bob Garrett said…
Hey Phil

I think you have been putting too much mulch on your flower beds. What next, do away with Santa, the Toothfairy and Easter Bunny, because you don't see the point anymore. You probably didn't watch The Stoogies as a kid, Our Gal Sal or know what letter comes before "orro". I for one hope the Phanatic has a long life in Philly, we serious need the entertainment and distraction from the things going wrong in our world. I miss all those past shows, that you never watched, cause you were too busy writing on the blackboard (the schools still have them?). But seriously Phil, lets do away with the things we don't need anymore, billboards, guns, gas powered cars and look towards the future, like paperless papers.

You faithful Blogger and thanks for the opportunity, I really appreciate it!