The Daily Numbers - May 23

The Daily Numbers: 2.92 percent tax hike on tap in Springfield School District.

116 bucks, how much more it would cost the average homeowner if the spending plan is adopted. That would bring the total tax tab in the district to $4,079, up from $3,963.

0 property tax hike being proposed in Rose Tree Media as part of their proposed budget, this despite a loss of $1.2 in state funding.

5,330 dollars, average tax bill in Rose Tree Media.

9 Delaware County schools, out of 144 statewide, that would qualify for expanded voucher programs under Senate Bill1, which is pushing the school voucher issues.

730 million dollar price tag on the program for the first 4 years.

2 charter schools currently in place in the county, both of them in Chester.

2,700 students at Chester Community Charter School, making it the biggest in the state. Another 300 students attend grades K-5 at the Widener Partnership Charter School.

1 person killed in a crash in Southwest Philly Sunday following a police chase that started in Tinicum.

35 acre tract along Springfield Road in Darby Borough that is being targeted for development as a shopping center.

15 million dollars, what a Bensalem blackjack player says he’s taken in winnings from Atlantic City casinos.

9 people shot in gunfire outside a North Philly club.

112 jobs being axed by Liberty Resources in Philadelphia.

109 jobs in the region being dropped by JC Penney, including shuttering an outlet store at Franklin Mills Mall.

144 million dollars up for grabs in the Wednesday night Powerball drawing.

54 percent of those asked in national poll who believe it is possible to balance the national budget without cutting Medicare; and 59 percent who believe you can do it without cutting Social Security.

0 runs again for Phils, who got shut out by the Rangers.

5 hits, all singles, for the Phils on a futile Sunday afternoon.


Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.Ready or not, here comes Chase Utley to the rescue. The veteran All-Star is expected to be back in the lineup at second base tonight when the Reds come to town.



I Don’t Get It: Police believe two men used a little girl as a lookout as they held up a gas station in New Jersey. I don’t get it.


Today’s Upper: Kudos to all those who took part in Saturday’s Walk for the Wounded in Rose Tree Park. As we near Memorial Day, what could be more meaningful.


Quote Box: “We have a lot of choice in Chester Upland School District.

Having said that, parents have a right to make a decision about what they want to do in terms of educating their children. Our hope is that they will continue to choose Chester Upland.”

- Superintendent Joyce Wells, on charter schools in her district.


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