Can Ridley Hi-Q be saved?

The demise of the Ridley High School Hi-Q team has not gone unnoticed. And some in the community are vowing to save it.

They want to see the decision by the Ridley School Board reversed.

The Hi-Q team was slashed amid the cost-cutting moves by the district, which also included job cuts, and other curriculum rollbacks. The school board says it costs them $1,200 for every Hi-Q competition, between travel for the 10-member team, fees for the tournament, and salary for the faculty adviser.

It still seems to me like a small price to pay. In particular, it strikes me as telling that this kind of education program would be cut. Yes, I know the board also axed several athletic programs, but most of those were in the lower grade levels. This is one of the few programs that targets academic excellence in high school.

I wrote about it in my Monday column.

That theme was sounded again and again by people who called and emailed me yesterday.

That includes one mother who was devastated by the loss of the program, the one school activity that her child is involved in.

I can feel her pain.

She and others are interested in trying to raise the money to save the program.

I’d like to help. If the newspaper can promote or help publicize your plight, feel free to contact me at

Let’s not let 50 years of academic excellence die without a fight.



Anonymous said…
School may be out for the summer but we will continue to fight to save this program for our students. The support from the newspaper is much appreciated especially considering the fact that the partcipants are few. Wouldnt it be a great sense of accomplishment if the students are able to work towards saving something that they beleive in?