Life's a beach in Rehoboth


I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.

One of my favorite places on Earth is pulling in more honors.

I’ve long been known as a Rehoboth man when it comes to the beach, and today there’s word that the Delaware shore town is among only four in the United States to earn top honors from the Natural Resources Defense Council as a Super Star for water quality.

Hell, I could have told them that.

Funny, they didn’t mention Grotto Pizza or Ryan’s Gems & Junk.

No accounting for taste, I guess.

And yes, I am counting the days until my annual summer sojourn to the beach.

I’ll be the one wrapped in towels, with a hat on, sitting under the umbrella.

With the big smile on his face.

You can read about Rehoboth’s honors here.

Or just call me. I’ll tell you all about it.

Eat your heart out, Wildwood.


Keyes Kain said…
Hey Phil,

Great post.
You know Flo Kain is smiling down on those Rehoboth beaches. Many a fond memory of times at the beach. Not to mention a few favorite watering holes. When you are sitting there wrapped in towels, under the umbrella I hope you think of Flo and perhaps sneek a cold one in her honor. Enjoy!