Football returns to Back Page - if not field

Nothing like a Phillies off-day to make things right in the local sports world.

Yes, that’s football and the Eagles leading all the sports sections today. No, they don’t have a deal yet. The owners signed off on it, but the players union is balking. Some sources indicate they will vote today.

The NFL lockout has claimed at least one casualty. The league announced yesterday it was canceling the Hall of Fame Game scheduled for Aug. 7 in Canton, Ohio, between the Bears and Rams.

You’re heart-broken, I know.

The truth is the players don’t really have much choice. What are they going to do, take their case to the fans and whine about how tough they have it?

Yeah, that will work.

The players will sign off on the deal sometime in the next few days.

Andy Reid apparently is calling a meeting with his coaches (and maybe the players as well) for Saturday morning.

The Birds will march off to Lehigh for training camp next week.

And I will ask the same thing I ask this time every year. Name me one thing you remember from a preseason game last year? I thought so.

By the way, that move to ax two exhibition games and expand the regular season to 18 games is not included in the new deal.

Now it’s back to real sports.

The Phillies open a weekend set at the Bank vs. the Padres tonight. They’re having an ‘80s Retro night.

Someone alert Jeff Lurie and Joe Banner. Maybe they can don the Birds' old Kelly green jerseys and hold a press conference to announce the trade of Kevin Kolb.


hopefully the HOF game is the only casualty...


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