Killer weather

Relax, Roy Halladay is fine. Turns out he was just in something of a meltdown in that 90-degree heat and humidity in the steambath that was Wrigley Field Monday night.

Halladay was forced from the game after pitching just four innings and change. He was suffering from dehydration.

You can view a video of Halladay talking about his ordeal here.

If it can happen to an athlete who takes his conditioning as serious as Halladay, imagine how quickly the rest of us can get into trouble out there in this heat.

Closer to home, we got a bit more stark reminder of the danger of summer weather.

Last night storms blew through Delaware County, and they may have taken a deadly toll.

Police are investigating the death of a man who was found in his front yard in Middletown as a possible lightning strike.

Really frightening stuff.

It’s not going to get any better the next few days. Actually it’s going to get worse.

We’ll be right back in the 90s today, and then things really heat up. Both Thursday and Friday we are expecting to flirt with the 100-degree mark.

Friday’s forecast high of 102 would break the record of 100 degrees.

Hopefully they won’t be losing their cool at the Media Courthouse, which shut down early yesterday when their air-conditioning failed. They’re hoping to have a backup unit up and running today.

Be careful out there.