Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reid it & weep

Imagine for a moment you are the boss of the Philadelphia Eagles.

You have just maneuvered your billion-dollar enterprise through the mine field of a lengthy labor lockout. But you got a deal at the last second that will allow you to save training camp and your season.

You truck all your equipment up the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike to your summer home, Lehigh University.

Then you hold a press conference to kick off camp. It is the first public offering from your franchise since emerging from lockout limbo.

No doubt you are looking to make a good impression, maybe offer the fans a few morsels of what is to come, and establish a little goodwill.

Yeah, right. Remember, this is the Eagles.

Instead the Birds rolled out Andy Reid. Time's yours, folks. Just don't ask me anything about free agency or any trades. DeSean Jackson maybe? Not talking about contracts either.

As usual, Reid had nothing to say. And as usual, he did it in his normal, arrogant smug way, one that reeks of the self-anointed "gold standard" this franchise has bestowed on itself. Of course, the only thing missing from this picture would be a Vince Lombardi trophy.

The Eagles should be ashamed of the tired, old act Reid rolled out for the assembled media yesterday. Someone please remind me why we spend the money and effort to send reporters and columnists to these things, when Reid makes it clear he has nothing to say, and could care less what the media's function is.

As I said, it's nice to see some things don't change. Include Reid on that list.

And most likely another 10-6 season from the Birds.

Super Bowl? Sorry, fans. Remember, some things don't change.


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