Some preseason theatrics from DeSean

The Eagles returned to the Nova Care Center yesterday, and will make the trek up the Northeast Extension to Lehigh University to start training camp today.

Vance Worley slayed the Giants last night, pitching a complete game gem and staking a claim to force that Phab Phour starting rotation to morph into the Phab Phive.

All’s well with the Philly sports world, no?

Uh, not exactly.

There is a cloud on the horizon. His name is DeSean Jackson.

The NFL Players Association has buried the hatchet, inking a new 10-year deal with the owners.

But Eagles star receiver DeSean Jackson is not a happy camper. In fact, Jackson may not be a camper at all, likely pulling a no-show when camp opens later today.

Here’s a stunner: Jackson wants more money.

Bob Grotz has all the details here.

Make no mistake. DeSean Jackson is underpaid. But that’s the deal he signed as a second-rounder coming out of college. The fault for why he slipped into the second round lies largely in the mirror, DeSean.

As good as he is, he’s also an injury looking for a place to happen.

Suck it up, DeSean. The fans have had more than enough labor woes. We tolerate your theatrics during the season. Especially as you prance into the end zone.

We don’t need them at Lehigh.