Two of three again for the Phils

Ho-hum. Another series, and the Phils again take two of three.

If you’re sensing a pattern, you’re right.

Nothing seems to stop this team. Not injuries, not spotty offense, not fielding gaffes.

The Phils kicked off the second half of the season by going to New York and taking two of three from the Mets.

It’s what they have done in every series since they lost a series in Seattle June 17-19. Since then the Phils have won seven straight series.

Right now they remain three and a half games up on the Braves.

Interestingly, the only game they lost in New York was the one started by the guy who was their best pitcher in the first half.

Cole Hamels has problems with the Mets. It didn’t help things much that Ryan Howard and Chase Utley managed to let an infield popup drop between them while a run scored. It was downhill from there on Saturday.

But the Phils still won the series, behind strong efforts from Vance Worley and Kyle Kendrick. That’s right. They won’t two of three and did not even use Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee, both of whom pitched in the All-Star Game.

Now it’s on to Chicago and three games vs. the Cubs.

Don’t bet against them winning two of three.