Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dog Day Afternoon, The Michael Vick saga

Michael Vick is a very rich man.


But there is one thing that $100 million contract extension the Eagles bestowed on him yesterday will not buy.

That would be acceptance.

Many fans continue to rant against Vick, and his team, the Eagles.

I’m not sure if that says more about us – or him.

You can read our editorial on the Vick saga here.

I guess superstar NFL quarterbacks are not supposed to get second chances.

I have been nothing but impressed by Vick – who I thought was little more than a thug when he was in Atlanta, and which obviously only increased when the dogfighting allegations were raised against him – since he joined the Eagles.

Nothing he said yesterday changed my mind.

Obviously I’m in the minority on that. The haters were out in force yesterday.

Many of them are animal lovers. Vick is now their pet peeve.

When Vick sat down behind the microphones at the Nova Care Center with Coach Andy Reid at his side to talk about his new deal, you could have called it “Dog Day Afternoon.”

I resisted the lure of slapping this headline on the Vick story: Every dog has its day.

I love animals as much as the next guy. I place a little more value on a human life.

And to me, Michael Vick seems like a life restored.

I wish him well. I won’t hold my breath waiting for everyone to agree with me.



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