Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tough call for Manuel

Let the second-guessing begin.

No doubt Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel’s ears will be burning this morning.

That’s because he got burned last night, and by his ace, of all people.

Roy Halladay dazzled the Arizona Diamondbacks for eight innings, striking out 14. At one point he retired 12 straight batters.

Then he went back out for the ninth inning nursing a 2-1 Phils lead. His manager did not have anyone warming up. Clearly he was going with his ace.

You can guess what happened next. The Phils’ bullpen stirred when Halladay gave up a leadoff single. But after another single, Lyle Overbay ripped a Halladay pitch into the gap in right-center. Two runs scored.

Phils lose, 3-2.

There are any number of ways to look at this thing.

After the game, Manuel was clear. He had his “ace” on the mound and he put his trust in him.

This despite the fact that the Phils pay Ryan Madson a tidy sum of money to do one thing, pitch the ninth inning.

It is now Aug. 17, the Phils are sitting on a gaping 7 and a half game lead over the Braves, and Halladay has pitched a ton of innings this year.

But Madson never stirred. Neither did anyone else in the Phils’ bullpen, at least until the D-Backs already started their rally.

There is also the likelihood that Halladay would not take especially kindly to being lifted from such a game.

But that’s Manuel’s job.

Me? I probably let Halladay go out to the mound to start the ninth, but I have my bullpen primed and ready.

When Halladay surrendered a single to starting the ninth, I’m probably on my way to the mound.

What say you, Barcolounger managers? Was Manuel right to leave his ace in the game? Or do you think he should have gone to his bullpen.

Post a comment and let me know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He should've pulled Halladay after Roy got Young out on the bunt attempt.
Bring in Bastardo to pitch to the lefty Overbay (who already had two hits against Halladay in the game).
Bastardo gets Overbay on a strikeout, and then retires the next batter.
Game over.

August 17, 2011 at 11:30 AM 

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