Friday, September 2, 2011

Justice for Guy Sileo

Guy Sileo isn’t going anywhere.


The Main Line chef was seeking a new trial after being convicted of first-degree murder for killing his business partner, fellow chef Jim Webb of Upper Chichester. The two had partnered in running the historic General Wayne Inn in Lower Merion.

Sileo continues to profess his innocence, and along the way cast an accusing finger at a female co-worker.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court didn’t buy it. Neither do I.

This is the oldest story in the book. The business was having financial problems. Sileo had borrowed money from his father and was feeling pressure to pay it back. Police believe he killed his pal Webb for the insurance money.

Sileo had been granted a new trial by a panel of Superior Court judges. That ruling was overturned by another larger panel of Superior Court judges.

Sileo remains behind bars, doing a life sentence.

That won’t replace the life he took, but it will have to do.

Here’s the full story.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a human being Guy Sileo, Jr. is lower than the lowest bucket of whale poop that ever hit the deep blue sea. First he pulled the trigger. Then, after the suicide of the woman he was having an affair with, he tried to blame her. Or was this "defense" a creation of his brilliant attorney? I sure hope that it is not the tax dollars of the citizens of the Commonwealth who will fund his appeal of the Superior Court decision to the Supreme Court... That would be a true example of injustice...

September 2, 2011 at 8:30 PM 

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