A magical night of baseball

Let's make this real simple.

Sports doesn't get better that what happened last night in Major League Baseball. No doubt this is exactly what Bug Selig and his pals had in mind when they expanded the playoffs.

Both leagues went into last night's games with questions surrounding their Wild Card teams. No less than six games meant something on the final night of the season.

The result was a rare night of sports and theater, culminating in a minute-by-minute thrill ride into the playoffs.

The Phils decided 162 games weren't enough and went extra innings before putting away the Braves. For Atlanta it was a slow, bitter death. The Braves managed to blow an eight-and-a-half game lead in the Wild Card race.

A same fate befell the vaunted Boston Red Sox, who somehow managed to blow a lead to the lowly Orioles, wait out an excruciating rain delay, and then fall on their sword. Literally minutes later, the Rays' Evan Longoria blasted a home run to complete a wild comeback win over the Yanks, pushing them into the playoffs and a knife into the hearts of Boston fans.

Phils in. St. Louis in. Braves out.

Rays in. Boston out.

Just pure magic.


Anonymous said…
For sake of accuracy, the Red Sox-Orioles game didn't go extra innings. It was just extended by a rain delay. Orioles won in the 9th.