Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bring on the Cowboys

Maybe it was the bye week.

Maybe it’s a 2-4 start.

But it seems to me that the usual heat – read passion – that accompanies the week the Dallas Cowboys come to town is missing this year.

One thing I know for sure. Despite all the talk about how the Eagles “saved” their season with that win in Washington, their miserable start has left them with very little room for error.

Every week is now a “must” win, especially against NFC East foes.

A loss against the hated ‘Boys would take all the luster off that win over the Redskins and once again put the Eagles season in jeopardy, as well as Andy Reid’s tenure as head coach.

It seems to me that kind of showdown calls for a bit more passion from the populace.

Maybe that’s a sign of just how disenchanted local Eagles fans are with this regime.

Or maybe it’s just taking awhile to shake off the Phillies’ hangover and bye week blues.

I’m ready to do my part.

Just envision those helmets with the star on them. Yeah, that’ll do it.

Where’s Buddy Ryan when you need him.


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