Bye, bye Birds? Only if they lose to Cowboys

And now, another chapter in the confessions of an Eagles fan.

I usually hate the bye week. With no Eagles game on tap, there just seems like something is missing on a fall weekend.

Not this year.

I thoroughly enjoyed the bye week. I don’t know if I’m getting older, I’m becoming less of a fan-atic, or I’m just tired of the Andy Reid regime.

I did not miss Reid's horrific game-day coaching.

I did not miss Reid’s tiresome act after the game, including his pledge to “do a better job of putting players in position to make plays.”

Likewise I will not miss Reid’s monotone Monday press conference.

One of the things I always feel guilty about is sitting inside glued to the TV on a glorious fall Sunday. Yesterday – actually both Saturday and Sunday - I took full advantage of a sparkling weekend to spend some time with my wife (yes, I usually introduce myself to her on Friday night. “Hi, I’m Phil.”)

Now it’s back to business for the Birds. And that means a Sunday night prime time affair with the Cowboys next Sunday.

Yesterday’s 34-7 thumping of the Rams by the Cowboys probably opened a few eyes on Andy Reid’s coaching staff.

Here’s a tip, Andy. Yes, I know it’s complete unsolicited. But since it seemed to take you and Juan Castillo a lot longer than the rest of us to modify that Wide Nine defensive alignment, allow me to point out that the Cowboys ran the ball right down the Rams throat yesterday.

In fact, rookie DeMarco Murray shattered a team record set by our old nemesis Emmitt Smith by rushing for 253 yards. Of course 91 yards of that total came on one TD bolt.

The Eagles for the most part scrapped the Wide Nine and were successful in bottling up a pretty good ground game of the Washington Redskins.

Now they will have to step it up even more. The Wide Nine should be deep-sixed for at least another week.

A loss to the Cowboys will crush all that positives that were gained from the win over the Redskins. Their 1-4 start has left the Eagles with very little room for error as they face an uphill struggle to claw in the playoff hunt.

Fall to the hated Cowboys, and the rest of the season just might be one giant bye week.