The Dreaded Saturday Eagles pick

First things first:

1) The Phillies have now lost to the eventual World Series champions two straight years. Does that make me feel any better? Not one little bit.

The Cardinals don't even get into the postseason if the Phils don't go to Atlanta and take three straight. The Phillies, coming off eight straight losses, played the games for real and paid the price, getting the Cardinals in the NLDS and an early exit.

I guess it could be worse. The Rangers have now lost in the World Series two straight years.

2) Someone please tell me we are not going to get accumulating snow BEFORE HALLOWEEN! I've said it before and I will say it again. I hate winter.

Almost as much as I dislike the Dallas Cowboys. Which brings us to Sunday night's national TV game against those fellas with the stars on their helmets.

Here's what you need to know about this game: 12-0. Say what you will about Andy Reid, one thing he has excelled in is getting his team ready to play in the week after the bye. He hasn't lost one of these yet.

It says here he will make it 13 straight. It won't be easy, and the Eagles' chances likely will ride on the leg of a rookie kicker, but I think they get the W.

How? Two ways. First they must again feature a healthy dose of LeSean McCoy, who is quickly ascending to the pinnacle of NFL running backs. They need to use McCoy to keep the Cowboys' pass rush honest, and more importantly to keep Michael Vick upright - and healthy.

With McCoy slashing through the Dallas defense, Vick will be able to mix in the short passing attack the team featured against the Redskins.

On defense this one is pretty simple. The Eagles need to continue their move away from the 'Wide Nine' defensive formation. If they don't and the Cowboys start gashing them on the ground, this one could be over early.

If they can stuff the Cowboys ground game, I like the Eagles chances with the game in the hands of Tony Romo. With the return of Trent Cole, they can turn up the heat on Romo, who is a turnover looking for a place to happen in those instances.

With their 2-4 start, the Eagles have left themselves very little margin for error. A loss against the Cowboys would be disastrous. Yes, it sounds trite but just about every game from this point is a 'must' game for the Birds.

Make it Eagles 29, Cowboys 27.

Last Week: Before the bye, the Eagles managed to right the ship by putting up a big first half and then holding on against the Redskins. They were aided in no small way by Redskins' starting QB Rex Grossman, who managed to throw four interceptions. Grossman's effort earned him a spot on the bench.

Season Record: I finally managed to break into the win column, but remain a demoralizing 1-5. The Eagles aren't much better, limping along at 2-4. This team really should only have one loss, but I prefer to see things the way former Giants' coach Bill Parcells always described them: "You are what your record says you are."