Eagles make statement vs. Cowboys

This is all you need to know about Andy Reid after the bye. He remains a perfect 13-0.

And the Eagles added an exclamation point Sunday night with a 34-7 thumping of their biggest rival, the hated Dallas Cowboys.

That’s called making a statement in front of a national TV audience.

The Birds have been desperately trying to shake the ‘Dream Team’ moniker slapped on them by backup QB Vince Young. Getting off to a stumbling 1-4 start did not help.

Last night they actually looked like the team that was promised last summer.

Give credit to Reid. While I am among his biggest critics, you have to give him this. He flat-out gets his team ready to play the week after the bye.

Last night’s rout was fueled in part by something Reid has been loathe to do during his stay reign atop the Eagles Nest. That would be feeding his running backs.

Reid just might have the best running back in the NFL. And Reid showcased LeSean McCoy last night, giving him the ball 30 times. McCoy responded with 185 yards.

This one was over quickly, with the Eagles racing to a 24-0 lead before halftime. The controlled the game – and the clock – stepping on the Cowboys’ throats once they got them down, featuring a healthy dose of McCoy.

It’s something they did not do in coughing up second-half leads in three straight games earlier this year.

The Eagles no doubt regret those three losses, which may yet keep them out of the playoffs.

But last night they made a statement. They will be heard from this year.

And LeSean McCoy will lead them.

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