Kids & guns & drugs

It’s been a rough couple of days for young people in Delaware County.

And guns have been right in the middle of it.

Teens and guns. Not a good connection.

First came reports of a big spike in violent incidents at Upper Darby High School. The issue came to a head when a fight that started at the high school spilled outside and involved a non-student. Shots were fired. A school had to be locked down. Police and school officials huddled to seek a solution to the issue.

Two teens have been shot in separate incidents in Chester since Saturday.

And this morning we are reporting on what police say was a drug deal gone bad in Darby Township that ended up with one teen shot and another under arrest. Charges are pending in that case.

If you see a common link in these stories, you’re not the only one.

The first is guns. There was a time when kids settled disputes with their fists. Not anymore. Guns seem to be the weapon of choice these days.

The second is drugs. The drug issue is intertwined in many of these cases.

It’s an issue that begs for a solution.

What do you think, Delaware County. What is the answer to kids, drugs and guns.

We already know it’s a toxic, violent combination.

Now what can we do about it?


Anonymous said…
It needs to start at home! Until than nothing can be done. Where is a 16 yr old getting a gun? My money is on his father. This is getting crazy!
Anonymous said…
You ask "what can we do about it?" A good question. But one that I have, at my advanced state of chronological gifts, heard/seen asked for too many years. Our governments, federal, state, local have poured what must by now be billions of dollars collectively into trying to answer that question. Along the way, however, they have also poured what must also by now be billions of dollars into social programs intended to solve the problem... Yet, at the same time, we've made prisons to be places with cable tv, phones, recreation, all in the name of helping those who sell drugs or commit other crimes become worthwhile citizens. We can't have it both ways... Maybe the answer is to make the "time" really, really unattractive. And then if "you do the crime" make sure that they are put away for a long, long time in an environment that punishes... The liberal Do Good approach has not worked... That's for sure...