Wednesday, October 19, 2011

'Live From Newsroom:' We put GOP on hot seat tonight

‘Live From the Newsroom’ goes back on the politics beat tonight.

Last week we hosted the Democratic candidates for County Council. They are trying to do something that has not been done since the Home Rule Charter was changed back in the mid-‘70s. That would be get a Democrat elected to the ruling council.

Working to see that does not happen are the three Republicans, including incumbent Tom McGarrigle, John McBlain and Colleen Morrone.

I have some questions I plan to ask, but I’d also like to know what you’d like to ask the candidates. If you have something you’d like to put to the Republican ticket, email it to me at I'll ask them during tonight's show.

Then tune in tonight and take part in our live chat on

We’ll be ‘Live From the Newsrooom’ again tonight. See you at 7.


Anonymous John McBlain said...

Phil, I look forward to being there tonight! After the rainy and chilly weather today, the "hot seat" may be comfortable!

I need to correct you one one point. Colleen Morrone, Tom McGarrigle and myself are not running for County Council to make sure that electing a Democrat "does not happen". That's a somewhat insulting way to view our candidacies that I hope is not reflective of the Daily Times' take on this election. Colleen, Tom and I are all running for this office because we feel that we can help improve the situation in Delaware County when it comes to jobs and economic development, taxes and fighting crime. I hope we get a chance to talk about these issues on the program rather than a rehash of the same old, last century, minority commissioner debate that even our opponents don't support.

See you tonight!

October 19, 2011 at 10:42 AM 

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