Mighty Macs: A female Rocky story

Interested in a feel-good story with a ton of Delco roots?

Check out a new movie this weekend. It’s called “The Mighty Macs,” and it chronicles the miracle of the Immaculata women’s basketball team.

Anyone who knows sports – especially Philly sports – knows the saga of the tiny Malvern school and their unlikely rise to become the first women’s powerhouse in the early '70s.

Maybe even more importantly, they also blazed the trail that led to Title IX and eventually equal treatment in terms of scholarships when it comes to women athletes.

The movie was made by Tim Chambers, who just happens to be a Cardinal O’Hara grad.

And the coach and several stars of the team, including Cathy Rush and Theresa Grentz, have Delco roots.

It’s a female Rocky story.

Read more about the team behind the move here.

And come back tomorrow for more coverage and a review of 'The Mighty Macs.'


Van said…
Quite an interesting story.Thanks for sharing!