Oh deer!

It is the Russian roulette of driving in the fall around these parts.

Anyone who drives either early in the morning, before the sun comes up, or at dusk, knows what I mean.

I’m talking about deer.

And their unfortunate tendency to come in contact with your car.

Oh, deer!

I have been making my current drive to work for three decades now. And I have stopped counting the close calls I have had in the western end of the county, specifically driving Providence Road from Route 3 across to the Route 1 bypass, through Edgmont and Upper Providence.

Deer are everywhere this time of year. Here’s a tip for those not quite as well versed in this motor vehicle form of dodge ball. If you see one deer cross the road up ahead, slow down. Guaranteed there are a few more about to follow the leader, darting across the road and likely right in front of your car.

In the past week I have had several close calls with these four-legged creatures. And I’m not talking about little Bambis either. I’m talking about full-grown deer with a rack of antlers.

My guess is my car would not hold up especially well in a collision with one of them.

My tendency to exceed the speed limit on this early-morning commute – with little or no one else on the road – does not help me as I try to navigate this deer mine field.

So far I’ve been incredibly lucky. Many close calls. But no accidents of the deer kind.

I just don’t know how much longer my luck can hold out.

The deer seem to be everywhere.

Whatever is needed to thin this herd out should be done as quickly as possible. If that means more hunts, sign me up.

I don’t know how much longer my driving skills – or luck – can hold up.