Ruffled feathers for Birds, Samuel

This is exactly what the Eagles did not need.

Then again it is Asante Samuel, who has pretty much been much more about Asante than about the team.

Samuel took this week – as the Eagles prepare for a crucial game against the Cowboys – to get some things off his chest concerning Eagles management.

You can read about it here.

He says he’s on board with Coach Andy Reid, but is less than complimentary toward G.M. Howie Roseman and President Joe Banner. He believes they are playing a high-stakes game of “fantasy football.”

All of this is because Samuel is not even a little bit happy about the trade rumors swirling around his name.

Maybe the Eagles can use it as a rallying point. Two weeks ago they put the wagons in a circle around Reid when he was under fire for their miserable start.

Now maybe they can unite behind the irked cornerback. Samuel, who loves his camera time, was everywhere yesterday, first huddling with Reid and saying everything is “cool,” then unloading on the front office, and then again saying he’s ready to play.

He’d better be.

A loss Sunday, and a bad day by him, could mean the end of his stay here in Philly. And it could be the rock that breaks Reid’s back as the Eagles season goes down the drain.