The battle for Marcus Hook

The battle for Marcus Hook goes on.

With the seconds counting down until the end of the year – and the end of the refining era in the lower end of the county – a meeting will be held this morning to update all involved in the effort to save the Sunoco and ConocoPhillips refineries.

Republican U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey will join U.S. Rep. Pat Meehan, R-7, and others at the meeting at the Marcus Hook Community Center at 9:30 a.m.

Sunoco landed the first blockbuster back on Sept. 2, when they indicated they would put their iconic Marcus Hook facility up for sale, and if none came forward they likely would shutter the facility.

That was followed two weeks later by a similar announcement from ConocoPhillips. Only they decided to shut down production immediately.

Two weeks ago Sunoco announced they were speeding up their timetable. Instead of operating the refinery until July while seeking a buyer, they indicated that the downturn in refining was focing their hand, and they also would shut down production.

Check back to all day for updates on this important meeting this morning.


Anonymous said…
Thank Sun.... now you will never see me stopping in any of your Sunoco stations.