More on Catholic school closings

Catholic school closures

While we continue to wait for the ruling on Monsignor Bonner and Archbishop Prendergast high school, as well as the others on the Blue Ribbon Commission hit list, there continues to be lots of talk about school closings.

Don't miss Chris Freind's fascinating look at the surprising number of parochial elementary schools that were successfu in their appeals; 18 of 24 schools that filed appeals had them upheld by the archdiocese. CLICK HERE to read it.

I can admit that I was stunned at many of the rulings. I did not think the grade schools had much of a chance. Shows what I know.

I'll write more on the topic tomorrow. In the meantime, were you surprised at how many grade schools won their appeals?

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Anonymous said…
I am very surprised. After working at St Philomena's School in Lansdowne,PA., we were given 2 weeks notice , and never given the opportunity for appeal. The only thing that hasn't been addressed in many articles I have read concerning the school closings, has been the lack of attendance of families attending Mass along with their children. Do they really want a Catholic education, or just a place to put their children because of the school district they reside in.