New administration, old problem in Chester

Some things don’t change.

The new administration in Chester is battling an old problem.

Street violence.

And this time it affected a member of the new administration.

New city Controller Edith Blackwell was struck by a bullet when gunshots rang out at a city gas station at Ninth and Kerlin streets Friday afternoon.

Luckily, she was not seriously injured.

Now both the new mayor and his new police chief, longtime Chester officer Joe Bail, are facing one more familiar problem.

They want the community to come forward to tell them what they know.

You can read the latest on the investigation into the shooting here.

No one Democrat – or Republican – is going to change what is ailing Chester.

City residents are going to have to do that themselves.

They can start now.


Anonymous said…
Chester is still in the stone age! I can say that the city gov. spends more $$ on fighting with the services that a city gov is suppose to provid the citizens ( is what their jobs are) Get out of the stone age and train and spend some $$ on providing good services for the people you are charged to keep safe!