Octomom does Delco for pillow fight

Brace yourself, Delaware County.

“Octomom” is coming. And she’s looking for a fight.

Actually a pillow fight.

That’s right, Nadya Suleman will be squaring off in a celebrity pillow match Thursday night vs. Lisa Marie.

They’re doing a press conference tonight. Jack McCaffery, our resident boxing expert, will be there to cover all the action.

Suleman rocketed to fame when she had octuplets a couple of years ago.

The press conference is tonight at The Warehouse 24 on MacDade Boulevard in Ridley, at 7:30. The fight will be at the same place tomorrow night.

It will be part of a 7-match card featuring three one-minute rounds in which women battle it out with pillows. There’s no hitting, kicking or wrestling allowed.


Anonymous said…
ha!!! lmao...