Everybody into the pool!

Here’s today’s dilemma.

Every office is likely having an office pool to get in on the Mega Millions mania gripping the region.

A shot at winning $540 million will do that to you.

Unfortunately, the odds of winning are about as long as me winning the Masters next weekend. That won’t stop people from playing. Hey, somebody has to win. Actually, I suppose it could roll over again.

Here’s what I want to know. There’s no way you can risk not getting into the office pool, is there?

I mean, could you ever forgive yourself if by some miracle your crew won and you were the only person who didn’t get in? How would you feel trudging back into the office Monday morning.

I know. You can’t risk it.

Fork over that dollar.


Rus said…
At half a billion, I wonder if the US Treasury has purchased any.