What's that on today's front page?

I guess I should brace myself for the torrent of complaining phone calls today about how the paper is always full of bad news, especially when it comes to the city of Chester.

What’s that you say? Chester is on the front page again this morning? What have they done now?

It’s about a group of kids who are making headlines.

Meet the fourth-graders from Stetser Elementary School. They have been invited by First Lady Michelle Obama to take part in a special gardening program at the White House on Monday.

That’s right. A good story about Chester, showing some young people in a positive light.

No one will call. No one ever does when we do these kinds of stories.

It reinforces a theory of mine.

I am constantly asked why there is so much “bad” news in the Daily Times, and in particular why we take every opportunity to portray the city of Chester in a negative light.

They don’t call us the “Daily Crimes” for nothing.

It’s a good question. Thankfully, I have a good answer.

That’s what people read.

Don’t believe me? Don’t just take my word for it. Go to our website, DelcoTimes.com. Take a look at the metrics that determine what are the most read stories on the site every day. Guaranteed the crime stories will top the list. They always do.

Look, part of my job – not the only part and not the most important part – is to sell newspapers and draw readers to the website.

That does not mean we don’t do positive stories, including ones that involve young people, and in particular kids in the city of Chester.

Today they’re plastered all over our front page.

On Saturday night, the Chester High boys basketball team will seek back-to-back state titles. They have won 31 straight games. We’re hoping they make it 32.

So we can splash them all over the front page on Sunday.

Hold the presses!


Anonymous said…
For the most part, people who I have spoken to just feel sorry for Chester.