Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ahhhhhh! Hazy, hot & humid

Around these parts, they are the siren call of summer. Even if it is only late May. The three H's - hazy, hot and humid - have made a late-spring arrival in the region. When it comes to weather, I'm a bit of an oddball. I actually like these conditions. The hotter the better. Humidity? Air thick enough to cut with a knife? Bring it on. There is nothing I like more than being able to wear as little as possible - don't panic, I still don a T-shirt and shorts - and be set for the day. Unfortunately, that kind of attire won't work for the office. But to say that I enjoyed this weekend's early dose of summer is a bit of an understatement. Actually, I loved it. I spent just about every minute outside. My wife and kids actually held out until about noon on Sunday. Then I saw them start the process of closing the windows, a sure sign they were firing up the central air. They didn't have to do it for me. I hate air-conditioning. Just like I hate winter. I didn't freeze all winter to turn on the 'air' at the first sign of summer. The rest of the family doesn't exactly see it that way. I took in the morning Memorial Day parade in town, then manned the barbecue, all the time sweating with a smile on my face. I could not help but smile when, as we got ready to sit down for dinner, my wife commented that she thought there was something wrong with the air-conditioning. It was not shutting off and the thermostat was rising. Sure enough, a call to the sparked a visit by our AC tech. He replaced one part, and said we should keep the air off for a couple of hours, then give it another shot. I tried to feign being upset. I couldn't fool the wife and kids. Not having the air didn't bother me in the least. Last night when my wife flipped the air back on, it became obvious it was still not up to snuff. The techs will be back today. But not before I spent a lovely night, with the windows wide open, no covers, listening to the sounds of summer outside. Now that's what I call the unofficial start of summer.


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