Monday, May 28, 2012

'American Homecomings' salutes Memorial Day

Every year we say the same thing.

Today is not really about the "unofficial start of the summer season." Or a sale at the mall or your local car dealer. Or a barbecue or opening the pool for the summer.

It's easy to forget the true meaning of Memorial Day. That's why I am especially proud to be able to take part in a very special year-long effort focusing on veterans issues.

The newspapers and websites that make up the company I work for, Journal Register Company, as well as our new partners at Media News Group and our new umbrella group Digital First Media, are taking a very special year-long look at veterans and in particular the issues some of them are facing as they return from service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Today we remember those who gave their lives in service to their country. For those who came back, some of their struggles are just beginning.

'American Homecomings' is chronicling the stories of some of those vets. We will follow them for a full year, as well as listing support groups that offer crucial services.  There's also a place for readers to post their thoughts.

Today, in honor of Memorial Day, we are presenting nine vignettes, talking to Iraq and Afghanistan vets about what the holiday means to them.

You can read it here.

To check out our entire 'American Homecomings' package, CLICK HERE.

To share your thoughts on the holiday and issues important to our veterans,  you can visit

Happy Memorial Day!


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