A bad 'experience' for young Sixers

So much for the home-court advantage.

And so much for young legs.

The Celtics turned back the clock last night, and in the process may have shattered any hope the Sixers had that they might be able to take advantage of an “old” Boston squad.

The Celtics approached last night’s game with a grim determination that was all over their faces even before the game. Once the ball was thrown up, they simply exerted their ill on the young Sixers.

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The Sixers actually got off to a hot start and built a 33-28 lead after one quarter. That was the end of their highlights for the night. The Celtics outscored them, 32-16, doubling the Sixers’ meager output, in the second quarter.

They never looked back, and never took their foot off the Sixers’ necks in cruising to a 107-91 win.

The good news is that the Sixers have been here before. They were down 1-0 after the first game of the series. Now they’re down 2-1. They have a chance to even it up again Friday night.

They will need to do a lot more than they did last night. It was the Sixers who looked old, tired, not the ancient Celtics.

Yes, experience counts in the NBA.

For the Sixers, it’s an experience they learned the hard way last night.