The Daily Numbers - May 11

The Daily Numbers: 2.2 seconds left when Andre Iguodala sinks 2 free throws to lift the Sixers to a 79-78 win over the Bulls.

4-2 series win for the Sixers, who advance and face the Celtics in the Eastern semis starting Saturday night.

9 years, how long since the Sixers have won a playoffs series.

1st playoff series for new Sixers owners, including Joshua Harris, who was in the house last night.

2 vehicles damaged in fire in Chester Township 30,000 dollar monthly fee Delco has been paying to Chester County SPCA to take in strays since Jan. 1. That deal ends June 30.

296,000 dollars the feds say a Darby woman pocketed in a food stamp program out of her store.

0.62 percent tax hike given OK by Marple Newtown School Board.

2.7 percent tax hike looming for Haverford schools.

5, age of girl serious injured when she was shot in face by her brother, 7, wielding a BB gun.

40, age of passenger charged after he allegedly attempted to enter cockpit on a flight from Portland, Maine, to Phily.

5.59 ERA for the Phillies bullpen.

47 earned runs surrendered.

3 percent hike in casino revenue nationwide.


Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

Serious kudos to Andre Iguodala this morning. He had the game in his hands, and he delivered. Well done. Bring on the Celtics.

*: Why is it that colleges all decide to have commencements on the same day. There are five of them in the region on Saturday. Which ones do you think we should cover? Yeah, I know, all of them.

I Don’t Get It


Today’s Upper: Looks like Mother Nature is going to deliver a Mother’s Day gift of her own, lots of sun and warm temps this weekend. We’re expected to get into the 80s.


Quote Box: “Not in my lifetime did I think I would use what I learned so soon.”

- Boy Scout Jonathan Thornton, who used his new CPR skills to help save his grandmother’s life.


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