Editor finds himself in a pickle(ball)

That image that appeared in Wednesday’s Daily Times was not photoshopped. There is a new dress code for this year’s Delco Senior Games. Button down shirt, tie, slacks and loafers are required.
Not really. But that’s what I was decked out in as I joined columnist Gil Spencer for a demonstration of pickleball, the newest edition to the Senior Games lineup. Here’s the bad news. I proved a fairly inept pickleball player. Here’s the good news. The game is a blast. Think of a combination of ping pong and tennis played with something like a wiffle ball. While it chagrins me to know that I actually have qualified for the Senior Games for a few years now, with games like pickleball in the mix, they can count me in. My thanks to all the folks out in Concord Township, who hosted us in their spectacular new Brandywine Youth Club O’Donoghue Field House. And in particular for Maris Grove residents Betty Allcorn and Betsey Cheeseum, who I think took it easy on me and Gil in defeating us in our little expedition. The Senior Games kick off on Tuesday. You can get all the details and the full schedule at www.delcoseniorgames.org.