Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Feelings for Corbett come through loud & clear in Upper Darby

No wonder Gov.Tom Corbett doesn't necessarily want to sit down with parents and educators in Upper Darby.

I got a feel for what he could expect yesterday when I asked readers what they would like to ask the governor. I am going to get that chance this afternoon when Corbett sits down with a group of editors from our newspaper group in Norristown.

Corbett and his budget has been in the crosshairs ever since the Upper Darby School District announced a realignment plant that included a tax hike and some drastic cuts, including lots of teacher jobs.  But the thing that has really touched a nerve in the community is the plan to eliminate special classes in arts and music for elementary school kids.

A lot of fingers have been pointing at Harrisburg, in particular the governor's mansion.

The responses I got yesterday made it pretty clear to me that a lot of people are holding Corbett and his 'hold the line' budgets responsible.

This response kind of summed up their feelings: 'Ask him what he's going to do after his one term as governor."

I'll tell you who else should be concerned about  Corbett's rampant unpopularity. That would be state Rep. Nick Micozzie, R-163. He's represented Upper Darby for as long as anyone can remember, but with Corbett at the top of the ticket in two years, Micozzie, already facing the challenge of a rapidly changing demographic in the district, will have his hands full.

It's kind of a shame. No one has worked harder or longer in Harrisburg toward rectifying the problems with education funding. Now his district has become ground zero in the battle.

All eyes in the state will be on what happens in Upper Darby.

I'll let you know what happens this afternoon in Norristown.

By the way, don't bother looking for that live-stream of the governor's session. He's nixed that idea. Judging by the feelings of some folks in Upper Darby, I'm not sure I blame him.


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