No holiday for Halladay, worried Phils' fans

That Big Gulp you heard yesterday afternoon was not an early Memorial Day celebration at 7-Eleven.

It was the collective Phillies Nation reacting to the news that their worst fear was coming true. Roy Halladay is ailing. He left yesterday's game after the second inning with a sore shoulder.

So much for a holiday for the Phils, their fans and Roy Halladay.

This is about the last thing this struggling team needs. They already have Vance Worley on the DL. Now the questions that have surrounded Halladay all year since his velocity seemed off in Clearwater are coming true.

You can read our beat writer Ryan Lawrence's take on it here, as well as a video with Halladay talking about his shoulder.

Everyone on the Phillies keeps referring to the early hook for Halladay as a 'precaution.'

Yeah, sure. We've heard that before.

If Halladay has to be shut down, it could be a death blow for a team that has been banking on its vaunted pitching staff while Chase Utley and Ryan Howard are out of the lineup.

Today marks the unofficial start of summer. And the start of some serious soul-searching for Phillies Nation.