Phils' fans hold breath as 'Doc' pays visit to doctor

We interrupt the general euphoria that surrounded Ty Wigginton's career day yesterday - 6 RBIs to power the Phils and Cole Hamels over the Mets - to bring you this dose of reality.

The doc is in need of a doctor. Ace righthander Roy Halladay, affectionately known as 'Doc,' will be back in Philadelphia today to have his ailing right shoulder looked at.

Forget what happens on the field. What happens in that doctor's office likely will be the most important thing that has happened to the Phils so far this season, one that has seen them struggle mightily again at the plate because of the absences of injured Chase Utley and Ryan Howard.

But the loss of Halladay for any lengthy period of time might be a death blow to this shaky Phils' season.

We'll bring you the update as soon as we get it.

In the meantime, if you instead want to look at the bright side, here's the details on Wigginton's monster day yesterday.