What would you like to ask Gov. Corbett?

Ever since the Upper Darby School District announced its controversial - and extremely unpopular - 'realignment' program, including cuts of the special classes in music and art at the elementary level, there is one thing I have heard again and again from parents and others concerned about the effect. A lot of those people - both school district officials and parents - have been pointing an accusing finger at Harrisburg, in particular Gov. Tom Corbett, for the current fiscal crisis.
They believe his budgets have been underfunding education, and they have not been shy about saying it. What they have really wanted is for Corbett to come here to Upper Darby and sit down with them and talk about education funding. He's not doing that, but I might have an alternative. Gov. Corbett is going to sit down with a group of newspaper editors from our Journal Register Company group of newspapers across the Philly region Wednesday in Norristown. I will be there, face-to-face with the governor. I have some questions for him, but what I'm really interested in is what readers - particularly those in Upper Darby - would like to ask the governor. Email me your questions for the governor at editor@delcotimes.com and I'll try to get him to answer them. Then make sure you check out DelcoTimes.com at 1:30 Wednesday afternoon for a special live-stream of our editorial board meeting with the governor. He's not coming to Upper Darby, at least not yet. But you can still have your voice heard. Let me know what you want asked.