Reader review of Monday night Springsteen show

Ask and you shall receive. I inquired if anyone who as at the Monday Springsteen show wanted to offer a review.

Here's what Andrew Repetto had to say:

I was at the Bruce show last night. After having downpours & storms from 5:30-7:00, nary a drop fell during the show. That's Boss power!

The show was spectacular. I have seen Bruce about 10 times since 1980.

The energy & power of his show today is simply amazing. For just about 3

1/2 hours, he was non-stop motion. I don't know how he does it.

'Jungleland' was terrific. He also played many songs from 'Greetings.' Every song was so powerfully done. His voice sounded so good all night. It was surely in my Top 3 shows all time.

He did 'The River' for a woman whose husband is in Afghanistan. It was very moving. Bruce interacted with the crowd ALL night long. At the end he said I'll see you again Philly! I can't wait.

Andrew J. Repetto