The dreaded Saturday Eagles pick

Someone a lot wiser than me once said a win is a win is a win.

The Eagles stuck an ugly win in their pocket and quickly got out of Cleveland after a certifiably atroicous opening day 17-16 win over the Browns.

All we'll remember a few weeks from now is that it was a win. And of course, the fact that Andy Reid decided to dial up 56 pass plays for a rusty quarterback who had only played 12 snaps in the preseason.

Look at it this way. Last Sunday was Michael Vick's preseason. Will he throw four more interceptions this week? Not if the Eagles have any chance of beating a very good Ravens team that dismantled the Bengals on Monday night.

Everything about this game just begs you to get on the Ravens' bandwagon. Which is why I'm going the other way.

Michael Vick will not be that bad again. Oh, neither he nor Reid is going to change their stripes. Reid will continue to call pass after pass; Vick will pick up where he left off making bad decisions and throwing picks.

But I think Vick wants to show people that last week was more aberration than the norm. He will use his feet as much as his arm this week to defuse Ray Lewis and that ferocious Ravens' defense. He'll have to, since both the Eagles top receivers, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, are banged up and questionable for the game.

That, a healthy dose of LeSean McCoy and a revved-up home crowd will carry the Eagles to a surprise win at the Linc.

The Pick: Make it Eagles 24, Browns 23. The Eagles manage to steal the Back Page back from the Phillies for at least one day.

Last Week: The less said about this debacle the better. Why don't we leave it at this. We're both 1-0, but I don't think either of is going to be bragging about it.

Season Record: The pundit and the Birds are both sitting at 1-0 after a less than scintillating effort vs. the Browns. Obviously, they will face a much sterner test Sunday when the Ravens come up I-95.


davee said…
Congratulations on an exactly correct pick, Mr. Heron. Was it devine guidance? Whatever---it was right on.
davee said…
I am surpirsed to not see any other posts yet. So: Congratulations are due to Mr. Heron for his exact prognostication of the outcome of the Eagles-Ravens game today. Exact can't get any better. Right on! I'll be back next Saturday before I make my final pick.
DB said…
Way to go with the numbers! But hope you were watching the Eagles and the Ravens play.