The other story in Chester yesterday

We undoubtedly are going to take some heat today for once again offering a less than flattering picture of Chester splashed all across the front page of the print edition, as well as our website.

That’s what happens when you have a story as heinous as the one involving the pack of girls who brutally beat a defenseless, mentally challenged woman, laughing the whole time, and then posting a video of their handiwork on Facebook. It’s getting national attention.

But there was another story from the city yesterday that likely will not get nearly the notice.

But it just might be every bit as important.

If you happen to have a print edition handy, look to the left of that lead story no Page 1. There is another element on Page 1 about the city, heralding the news that Philabundance yesterday broke ground on something city residents have been waiting on forever.

You can read about it here.

Chester has not had a supermarket since 2001. That will end next spring, when Philabundance opens its Fare and Square store.

No, it’s not a Giant or an Acme.

But it will offer city residents a real opportunity to do their grocery shopping without leaving the city.

It won’t get the attention of the other story in the paper today, but it should be noticed.

And we did.


Anonymous said…
Chester has had local grocery store Sam & Sam for years