Vick, defense making difference this year

Michael Vick continued to turn the ball over.

LeSean McCoy fumbled again.

Andy Reid continued to dial up tons of passes.

Nnamdi Asomugha got beat for a crucial touchdown.

So, of course the Eagles are 2-0.

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Yesterday the Birds did something no team in the history of the NFL has ever done.

No, not make Andy Reid look good.

They have now won their first two games of the season each by one point.

The Eagles have played two games and have an astounding nine turnovers. And they won both of them.

Vick continued to make crucial mistakes, including another killer interception in the red zone, throwing back across his body into the end zone.

But Vick has now also done something that is a rarity in Philadelphia. For two consecutive weeks he has gotten the ball late in the game with a chance to win - and he’s delivered.

Unlike Donovan McNabb and so many before him, Vick delivers the goods when the money is on the table.

Now, no one believes Vick can continue to turn the ball over the way he is now. He also continues to take a horrific physical pounding. He gets hit on almost every play.

And yet he endures.

Coupled with a rejuvenated defense (notice no one is complaining about Juan Castillo this year), Vick makes the Eagles a legitimate threat to go deep into the playoffs.

Next up is the Cardinals, and of course another delicious story line. The Eagles go to the desert to face the QB they traded away. That would be Kevin Kolb. The Cardinals also happen to be 3-0.

At some point Vick will stop turning the ball over. And when he does this team could be scary good.