2 kids, 2 sad stories

It was a brutally tough day yesterday for news involving kids. It didn’t get any better last night.

First, in South Jersey, there was the all-out search for 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale. She was last seen on Saturday around noon as she took off on her bike for a friend’s house. She never got there.

You sort of got that sinking feeling with every hour that passed - 12-year-old girls usually don’t just disappear.

The worst news was confirmed late last night, when police said a body found dumped in a recycling bin appeared to be that of the missing girl. You can read all the sad details here.

Meanwhile, in King of Prussia, a toddler was snatched during a bizarre homicide. Saavni Venna was taken from the scene where her grandmother was murdered in a King of Prussia apartment complex. Saavni is just 10 months old. Last night her father went public with a plea for the tot’s safe return. You can read that one here.

There’s nothing sadder than stories about missing children. And nothing I hate worse than delivering the sad news that these cases turned out as we feared.


Scarlett O'Hara said…
Stories like these make me wonder what is wrong with our society and ask the question why?