A spirited debate on Voter ID

Did you miss our spirited debate on the Voter ID law on last night’s ‘Live From the Newsroom’?

You’re in luck. You can still catch the replay here.

We were joined by state Rep. Steve Barrar, R-160, of Concord, one of the state’s leading proponents of the law. Providing the opposing view was freshman state Rep. Margo Davidson, D-164, of Upper Darby.

I lean toward the anti-Voter ID side, while my columnist Gil Spencer was solidly in the Barrar camp.

My thanks to all for a great show.

Here’s the bottom line. You still likely will be asked to show a Photo ID when you go to the polls on Nov. 6. But you can’t be turned away if you don’t have one or don’t wish to show it. You still must be allowed to cast your ballot.

No doubt the debate will be rekindled after the election.

If there’s one thing we agreed on last night it’s that the same forces who opposed ramming the law into place in time for this election will be back in court to fight it after the election as well.