Jerry Sandusky speaks

It’s sentencing day for Jerry Sandusky.

But the convicted child molester and disgraced former Penn State defensive coordinator decided to call an audible on the court.

He gave an interview with a Penn State college radio station, and offered a defiant three-minute defense.

You can listen to the full audio here.

Sandusky vowed that people can refer to him as a monster or worse, but they can’t take his heart. He showed no inkling of remorse, offered not one hint of apology to any of his vcitims.

His heart might be the least of his worries in state prison.

Jerry Sandusky has either been the victim of the biggest legal setup in history, or instead is a pathological liar and predator who remains in denial about what a jury convicted him of doing.

Sandusky lashes out at all the usual suspects: police, prosecutors, the media and Penn State University. He believes all had reason to dump the entire scandal in his lap.

Incredibly, he even decided to go after some of his accusers.

I can admit that I wonder if there is any chance that everybody decided to gang up on Sandusky, that his penchant for showering with kids was grossly exaggerated.

I’m not buying.

Sandusky closed his rambling statement with a vow to keep fighting and a prayer.

If he did what he’s been accused - and convicted - of doing, he should burn in hell.