My how times have changed when it comes to Delco's voter registration numbers

Remember the days when the vaunted Delaware County GOP used to hold a commanding 3-1 voter registration lead? It was their keys to the kingdom, a tool they used to hold sway in the county for decades.

Times change.

Anyone else notice those numbers in our story Wednesday about the action at the courthouse on the last day to register to vote for the November election?

Here’s the new scoreboard:

Republicans: 175,403

Democrats: 171,451

Others: 45,339.

Maybe we’ve been asking the wrong question for the last couple of years. We’ve openly wondered how Democrats have been able to win the county in the last five presidential elections. The count has not gone Republican in a presidential race since George Herbert Walker Bush, W’s dad. Along the way the county Dems also captured the 7th District Congressional seat, with Joe Sestak wresting it away from Curt Weldon.

Maybe the real question is how the Republicans have managed to hold their ironclad grip on the county courthouse. Democrats have yet to manage to get a candidate elected to county council, or any of the row offices either for that matter.

The county once again will be part of the crucial suburban Philadelphia bloc of votes that likely will swing the state one way or the other in the Obama vs. Romney freeforall.

It says here the Dems prevail, Obama wins the county and the state.