The Daily Numbers - Oct. 12

The Daily Numbers: 1 90 minute vice presidential debate last night. Anyone else think they should let these two guys go at it and put Obama and Romney in the closet?

4 years, how long Shakiyl Smith of Chester has been confined to a wheelchair after a shooting. Yesterday he met with the D.A. in his quest for a reconciliation with the shooter.

14 burglaries out in Middletown police now say were the work of Chester County man.

4 occupants of a home in Upper Darby that were saved from a fire by their smoke detector.

36, age of latest homicide victim in Chester.

21 homicides in Delaware County so far this year; 18 of them have occurred in Chester.

20 residents who came out to learn the details of Chief Recovery Officer Joe Watkins’ plan for the Chester Upland School District.

3.2 million dollar budget shortfall in the district.

1,000 fewer students in the district this fall. Each one of them represents just under $10,000 in state subsidy.

1 million dollar donation from Wawa and another $1 million from an individual toward the new expanded ER that was kicked off with groundbreaking yesterday at Riddle Hospital

500 people who flocked to a jobs fair at Springfield Country Club yesterday.

91, age of mayor in Alabama town who has admitted stealing $200,000.

5 as in Game 5 between Nationals and Cardinals tonight after Jayson Werth came up big for Nats with walk-off homer yesterday afternoon.

27 points for Jrue Holiday as Sixers won their preseason opener vs. the Orlando Magic.

81, age of ESPN college football announcer Beano Cook, who died yesterday.


Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.It’s time we got over the fact that Michael Vick has gotten a pet for his kids. He did his time. Let him get on with his life.



I Don’t Get It: One too many smirks from Vice President Joe Biden for my liking last night.


Today’s Upper: Kudos to D.A. Jack Whelan for going to Chester to meet paralyzed shooting victim Shakiyl Smith. The young man is seeking to reconcile with the person who shot him, and wants no charges brought against the suspect.


Quote Box: “I appreciate him coming out to see me. I know he has a job to do and I have a job to do. We’re trying to create a better environment for everybody to live in. We’re trying to create a better resolution to stop the violence.”

- Chester shooting victim Shakiyl Smith.