Why we aren't live-streaming the big Ridley-Springfield game tonight

Most people are calling it the game of the year in Delco high school football.

It’s unbeaten Ridley, sitting pretty at 7-0, vs. the upstart 6-1 Springfield for supremacy in the Central League.

If you want live updates, you can follow our reports from the game tonight on Twitter by using the hashtag #delcofootball. By all means if you’re at the game and want to chime in, please do.

What you won’t be able to do tonight, despite our best efforts, is see the game if you can’t get there on person.

At least not on DelcoTimes.com. It was our intention to do a Friday night live-stream from what most consider the biggest game in the county tonight. We live-stream a high school football game every Friday night.

But the folks at Ridley will not allow us to do so tonight. Don’t blame us. If you wonder why there is no stream, you’ll have to ask the school board and administrators at Ridley.

Their claim is that when we heavily promote and then stream a game on DelcoTimes.com, they take a hit at the gate. In other words, people stay home and watch the game online.

Look, I realize schools are looking for every penny of revenue they can get these days. But I’m not buying that this actually happens.

If anyone at Ridley would like to further explain this decision to me, I’m all ears. You can reach me at 610-622-8818, or email me at editor@delcotimes.com.

We're living in an online world. No one understands that better than newspeople folks. Our world is shifting under our feet in a seismic change. Just yesterday, Newsweek magazine indicated they would abandon the print edition at the start of the year and go digital only.

Digital is becoming an increasingly bigger part of what we do. That includes live-streaming events, in particular high school football.

In the meantime, we’ll be offering live updates on Twitter tonight, and of course we’ll have full coverage both in print and online tomorrow.

We just won’t be carrying the game live.

And that’s a shame.

Update: I've already gotten a few emails from people who would like to be able to see the game. If you'd like to see the game, send me an email or post a tweet with the hashtag #streamridley? Let me know where you'd watch the game from. I know there are proud Ridley and Springfield boosters all over, so chime in. Let's get everyone involved and let the administration know you'd like to be able to see the game.


Anonymous said…
Does not surprise me,they are also the only hs that charges to see a jv soccer game.
Mike Mayer said…
Actually Ridley's policy is not to allow broadcasting of any kind, video or audio. I know that as webmaster of Havenfootball.net. We have fought with Ridley over the years about broadcasting the Ridley/Strath Haven games. Last year they told us their new policy was NO BROADCASTING. They claim it impacts their gate. They are the ONLY team we have ever had any difficulties with. Everyone else in the Central League as well as other schools we have broadcast games in other sports, have welcomed us with open arms.

Mike Mayer
CharlieSix said…
I can understand your chagrin about Ridley denying the podcast but at 8:32 PM I cannot understand the lack of updates. Should the loyal delcotimes.com readers be punished because of the decision of the Ridley administration? Guess so.
CharlieSix said…
I can understand your chagrin regarding the decision of the Ridley School District administration regarding the broadcast. However, I cannot understand the lack of updates (as of 8:34 PM) of the progress of the game on the front page. Looks to me like the delcotimes has decided to punish its readers and deny them the current/late breaking information which the delcotimes touts it provides.
Anonymous said…
I am a Ridley grad and go to most of their games. Their administration is dead wrong on this one. A few years ago I got sick and couldn't go to their game at Marple Newton. It was live streamed, and trust me, I would have rather been there. It's not going to affect the number of people who attend their games. They have a big fan base. Even for away games the Ridley side is usually pretty packed. Their administration is dropping the ball here.