Yes, that was me on TV last night

I’m always astounded at the power of TV, just as I am the increasing power of the Internet.

You put something in print, people read it. But they don’t necessarily make a connection with you. When your picture runs with the item, as this ugly mug does with my Monday print column, people start to notice you on the street.

Do live-streaming video on the Internet, and more people start pointing you out.

Pop up on the tube? Suddenly you’re a celebrity.

Yes, that was me appearing on your TV screens if you happened to be tuned in to PCN last night. I've already had several people this morning remark that they saw me on TV last night. I'm guilty as charged.

It was my pleasure to be part of a special live roundtable discussion on Elections 2012 at Temple University.

One of the reasons I wanted to do the show was because I was joined on the panel by former Congressman Joe Sestak. I’ve been wondering what he’s been up to, and what his future plans are.

Well, he’s teaching a college class. But I get the feeling he’s thinking about running for office again.

Which one? Well, Joe wasn’t saying.

I also was joined by WPHT 1210-AM talk show host Dom Giordano and Robin Kolodny, a Political Science professor at Temple.

But easily the best part of the night? Joining us was an audience of young Temple students. They were engaged, knowledgeable and involved. They offered a series of probing questions connected to the elections, from the effects of the recent Voter ID flap, to the economy, to something they know a little about, the nation’s debt levels, including kids exiting college with a huge debt load.

I suppose they are probably glad that I spared them this little detail.

When I graduated from the University of Colorado in the summer of 1978, packed all my worldly belongings in the back of a pickup truck and pointed it east on I-70 to head home, I did not owe a dime for my college education.

Yeah, it was a different world.

My thanks to Shawn Eckert and Brian Lockman at PCN for a great night.

Hope to do it again soon.

If you missed the show it will be rebroadcast several times today, including at 9 a.m. on PCN (Channel 10 on Comcast in Delco) and also will eventually pop up on their website. CLICK HERE to check it out.